Vermont Farms Mitigation Bank
Location King William County, Virginia
Description 225 acres along the
Mattaponi River
Credits Available 77.29 (wetlands)
3,815 (streams)
To Purchase Credits Contact: Stacy Pierson
King William, LLC
(804) 443-2366
King William, LLC has an approved plan to create a stream and wetland bank to provide compensation for unavoidable impacts to non-tidal wetlands and other waters of the United States in the York River watershed and currently has both stream and wetland credits available. The bank is situated along the Mattaponi River in King William County, Virginia. The 225-acre site, which has historically been used for silvicultural and mining operations, has now been protected by a conservation easement.
Vermont Farms Mitigation Bank has preserved 5.65 acres of existing mature forested wetlands and 23.33 acres of upland fields and forests. The planned wetland restoration and creation activities will provide an additional 70.72 acres of emergent, scrub-shrub, and forested wetlands.
In addition to enhancing the ecological value of the site through wetland restoration, 735 linear feet of stream channel will be enhanced or restored and 16,906 linear feet of stream have been preserved. Stream mitigation activities also include preserving and enhancing 124.94 acres of riparian buffer.
Wetland Mitigation
The Vermont Farms Mitigation Bank will include a diverse forested wetland community, which will provide the numerous benefits typically associated with this type of wetland habitat such as flood attenuation, wildlife refuge and food, improved water quality, decreased local sediment load, and increased biodiversity. The proposed wetland mitigation area will function primarily as a groundwater driven system. Wetland cells will be graded to appropriate elevations to intercept the site’s seasonal high water table and the site will be planted with native woody vegetation. Microtopography will be incorporated to increase diversity and habitat value. Additionally, special attention has been paid to enhancing habitat for waterfowl species.
Stream Mitigation
Streams on-site will be improved through bank grading, culvert removal, vegetation stabilization measures, and instream stabilization features. Repaired streams will increase floodplain connectivity and flood water attenuation while enhancing habitat through natural geomorphic principles. Preserved riparian buffers will also be enhanced via eradication of invasive species. Native vegetation will be planted to re-establish stream buffers to decrease local sediment load, improve instream habitat, water quality and bank stability, while increasing mature forested wildlife corridors.
Service Area
Projects located within the York River Watershed Hydrologic Unit 2080105 and the adjoining Hydrologic Units 2080106 and 2080107 (within Spotsylvania County, Caroline County, King and Queen County, Hanover County, King William County, New Kent County, James City County, York County, and Gloucester County, Newport News City, and Williamsburg City) may use Vermont Farms Mitigation Bank for their wetland and stream mitigation needs.
King William, LLC
Attn: Stacy Pierson
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P.O. Box 127
Tappahannock, Virginia 22560
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